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Sketch for artwork to be featured in the exhibition.
EXHIBITION : May 23, 2019 — September 7, 2019

Misshaping Peterloo

Misshaping Peterloo focuses on the idea of commemorative souvenirs. Peterloo was one of the first major political events to be commemorated on transfer printed pottery, and key examples of these pieces are kept in museums and galleries in the city including Manchester Art Gallery and People’s History Museum. Sometimes, for example in the case of…

EXHIBITION : February 7, 2019 — May 11, 2019

’40 Years and Counting’ by Meghan Graydon Darby

’40 Years and Counting’ by Meghan Graydon Darby Meghan Graydon Darby’s work celebrates the identity and culture of her hometown in County Durham. Her first solo exhibition ’40 Years and Counting’ comes after winning Manchester Craft & Design Centre’s 13th Annual MMU Graduate Solo Exhibition Award. Meghan has produced a collection of wooden sculptures and fabric…

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