Manchester Craft and Design Centre

We aim to raise £40,000 in recognition of Kate Day and her ambitions for the craft sector in the North West. We propose that together, we build a new fund to enhance opportunities for emerging makers from diverse backgrounds, giving vital support to the development of craft in the region.  

Kate was instrumental in developing ideas around maker development as part of her roles as both Director for the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, and Co-Chair of the North West Craft Network. Her shared vision included bridging the gap for recent graduates, community crafters, and amateur makers wishing to start up their own craft/applied arts business and offering support for those under-represented in the craft sector. 

This fund will be a legacy of her work and passion. 

If you would like to support opportunities for emerging makers and ensure Kate’s legacy for future generations of makers, please donate below. Thank you.

Kate Day led Manchester Craft Design Centre for almost 15 years, creating a space where craft, creativity and communities could thrive. She was a passionate advocate for crafts and audiences, a dedicated and determined director and a dear friend. We were all excited to deliver the next phase of our plans for MCAD; together. 

Devastatingly, Kate passed away in June 2022 after a short illness. 

The fund will be administered by the Manchester Craft and Design Centre and overseen by a committee of regional stakeholders currently comprised of colleagues from Northwest Craft Network, University of Bolton, Manchester Art Gallery and Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair (Great Northern Events NW Ltd).