The Making of HAND CRAFT

BY Manchester Craft and Design Centre


“HAND CRAFT is an exhibition about the celebration of craft, collaboration and heritage of the Craft Centre. We have taken an iconic piece of the building as a starting point and split the form up into 49 pieces to fit on our HAND 01.1 table. We have invited creatives from the Craft Centre to customise the individual pieces using their own style, each having its own personality and feel. After the creatives have finished their pieces all 49 pieces will then come together to create a large mural which will be on display at Manchester Craft & Design Centre.”

Daren Newman and Liam Hopkins of HAND Studio tell the story behind our upcoming exhibition ‪HAND CRAFT ‬ in this short film which reveals the inspiration behind the HAND CRAFT mural and captures our resident makers bringing it to life.

HAND CRAFT launches on September 8th.


Film by Slant Media UK featuring Studio 20’s &Made, Studio 1’s Amy Wilkinson & Charlotte Verity, Studio 20a’s Clare Hillerby, Studio 23’s fir+wren, Studio 11’s Helen Tiffany, Studio 22’s Jon Damian, Studio 4’s Lee Page Hanson and Studio 25’s Nell.