Botanical Dyed Silk Scarf Workshop

Workshop Leader: Claire Mellalieu

Various Fridays

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Join us for a fun and hands-on workshop where you’ll learn the art of creating beautiful silk scarves using natural botanical dyes!


2pm – 2.15pm: Introduction to Botanical Dyeing
A brief introduction about the designer and their journey to botanical dyeing, while enjoying a glass of fizz.

2.15pm – 3.30pm: Silk Scarf Printing
Guests learn how to dye their own square 60cm x 60cm silk scarf by Bundle Dyeing. This is a natural dyeing method which creates botanical prints from flowers, petals, leaves and extract dyes.

3.30pm – 4.30pm: Bundle Dye Steaming & Tataki-zomé printing Gift Card
The Bundles will be steamed, to draw out and fix the colour. While this takes place guests will learn another process of printing onto a gift card, by Flower Pounding, or Tataki-zomé, which is an ancient Japanese technique of hammering plants to create a print.

4.30pm – 5pm: Big Reveal
The most exciting stage. Guests will unwrap their bundles and plant materials to discover their prints. Bundle dyeing is completely unpredictable, which is where the beauty lies.

Tickets: £50
Friday 21st June, 2pm – 5pm BOOK ONLINE
Friday 19th July, 2pm – 5pm BOOK ONLINE
Friday 16th August, 2pm – 5pm BOOK ONLINE
Friday 23rd August, 2pm – 5pm BOOK ONLINE


Space2, Manchester Craft and Design Centre
Workshop Leader: Claire Mellalieu from Three Storey Design

Manchester Craft and Design Centre