Tracey Birchwood Jewellery

Tracey has been an established maker here since 1996. She grew up in Manchester before studying and graduating in 3-Dimensional Design from Brighton University. After completing her degree majoring in ceramics, she moved back home to set up her studio at Manchester Craft and Design Centre.


Tracey originally specialised in porcelain vases and salt & pepper pots. This involved putting textures and bobbles on everything. Her original pots were all bright contrasting colours and were decorated with checks, stripes, spots and stars. A lot of these features are still apparent in her jewellery designs today.

Tracey loves fiddly things so making jewellery was a natural progression. Her work developed from porcelain vases to porcelain pendants.  Her handmade jewellery designs all have a geometric theme, whether it is spots and stripes, or having things evenly spaced. Repetition is always apparent in her work.

Each petal is hand formed out of porcelain clay. These are then fired and glazed, to have different matt and shiny textures. Each one is then decorated with a special ceramic lustre glaze – the gold contains real gold, and the silver-coloured lustre contains real platinum. These are painted onto the petals to colour the petals or to form intricate patterns including lots of spots and stripes.


Once the lustres have been fired onto the petals, the petals are then carefully linked together to form earrings and necklaces. Tiny freshwater pearls are used to embellish the pieces. All the fittings, earrings and chains are made from sterling silver. Tracey also makes rings and cufflinks to compliment the range.

Tracey shares her studio with Gemma Scully Jewellery.