The Fruit Moth

The Fruit Moth is a colourful collection of clothing and accessories designed and created by Nicole Broad. Each piece is one of a kind, meticulously crafted in the most sustainable way using only vintage and remnant fabrics. Producing hats, neckties, dresses and blouses, Nicole knows we all deserve a wardrobe that is a true reflection of ourselves – as unique and as colourful as we are.

Nicole uses traditional sewing techniques like French seams to create garments and accessories to last a lifetime, cutting no corners in her production techniques. Influenced by classic vintage silhouettes and the stunning fabrics she uses for her creations, at The Fruit Moth you will always find a burst of colour and truly unique pieces you can treasure for a lifetime.


“I always wanted to create unique, beautifully crafted accessories that would elevate any outfit, bringing the fun back to people’s wardrobes.”

“There’s something so special about vintage fabrics, and the feeling of nostalgia that they bring, and transforming them into modern-day, wearable pieces means these memories can be kept alive for many more years to come.”