Studio Critical:

Studio Critical: is a Manchester / Salford-based studio creating tactile wooden objects. Designer/Maker Nick Vorstermans focuses his practice on using locally and sustainably sourced materials. His wooden spoons, bowls, furniture & other objects are handmade – many of them from green wood salvaged from urban trees that fell naturally or were trimmed.

Studio Critical: sees craft not only as the art of making beautiful, useful handmade objects; but as a form of protest. A protest against mass-produced, mass-consumed products clogging landfills, whose processes are ruining our environment.


By engaging with craft we are showing that it is possible to make usable, beautiful objects from truly renewable and sustainable resources. Craft demands that the maker respects their material and process in a human-centric way. From using salvaged wood to reusing our wood waste as mulch in the allotment, Critical: is committed to having a low environmental impact.

Accepting commissions big and small, from a single spoon, set of bowls or bespoke furniture we are always happy to talk.

Images by Alex Macdougall