Sadie Blythin

I love working hands on with materials and having a real connection to my work, there are always so many different possibilities in letting the material tell the story.

From simple objects to sculptural body pieces, my work combines an interest in exploring the dynamic relationship between art, jewellery, and fashion; and between maker, object and wearer. I practice a slow, intuitive way of making and as a result, most of my jewellery pieces are one of a kind.

I am a great enthusiast of exploratory practice and have developed a process to create my own material from layers of paper and resin. Every element undergoes a special laminating and carving process that I have developed and continue to refine. My work is very light and tactile and needs to be touched.

Most importantly I like to see my thoughts take shape through crafting something with my own hands. The layers of paper that make up a piece can be colourful and meaningful as I sometimes include collaged or hand-painted sheets.


I love to create eclectic collections that express my love of colour, communication and design.

There is much debate around what is jewellery and I find this very freeing and inspiring.

As a designer, I am also interested in producing large-scale sculptural objects, that may sit outside the body. I love collaborative work. I’m currently part of The Maker Project – a research initiative exploring the importance of cognitive thinking and retaining artisan skills, to inform future generations of makers.