Lee Page Hanson Ceramics

Lee Page Hanson works in earthenware and Porcelain clay bodies with highly decorative finishes. He uses a combination of embossing, incising and on-glaze enamels to produce work that is multi-layered and colourful. He produces vases, bowls, lidded boxes and wall hanging tiles decorated with geometric shapes and figurative images.


His geometric designs are influenced by 20th Century modernism and the Bauhaus, notably Wassily Kandinsky and Ben Nicholson. Lee takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including Indian and Japanese Art & Ceramics, to Western contemporary abstraction. The wabi-sabi aesthetic influences his finish, with an appreciation of the considered marks left behind.

His figurative work often features birds with surfaces accentuated with various coloured underglaze mediums. He has been working with collage for several years, incorporating it into his clay pieces. Lee has a library of contemporary and vintage floral decals which he combines with iridescent and precious metal lustre to pick out the finer details.

“Function is important to me, and I will always glaze each piece to fulfil this need. In my career working with clay, I like to think I’m bridging the gap between Art, Craft and Design”.

Lee has exhibited work in galleries across the USA, designed the ‘Plumology’ tableware range for Anthropologie and was commissioned to design and make a wall installation for Manchester Airport’s Departure Lounge.

Lee shares his studio with Colette Hazelwood Jewellery.