Ella McIntosh

Contemporary pewter crafted for your home and table by Ella McIntosh

Established in 2012 at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, having studied at Buckinghamshire University, Ella handcrafts contemporary pewter using skilled metalsmithing techniques, often pushing the boundaries of pewter and her craft.

Pewter is an alloy of mainly tin with small amounts of copper. This makes it a soft, food-safe metal with a low melting temperature. Historically Pewter contained lead giving it a dark grey patination, however, modern pewter is lead-free meaning it retains its lustre.


Ella’s award-winning work is by the urban landscape of old buildings butted up to new developments and the chimney landscape of the northern mill towns she grew up in.

Ella uses this inspiration to drive texture contrast in her work, stripping back embellishment to celebrate pewter.