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Your Name: Anne Rowson BA (hons)

Name of Business: RA Designer Jewellery

Specialisms: Bespoke designer jewellery, wedding and engagement ring design/making and the ‘home of The Marry Me Ring’.

I would describe the items I produce as…
Jewellery for men and women inspired by the customer. For those wanting to own something different and those looking for affordable and quality design. I create jewellery in a wide range of materials, including platinum, gold, palladium, silver and titanium to include stones, precious and non-precious if you wish. I offer a bespoke service based on our clients’ requirements.

The things that have inspired, and continue to inspire my work are…
For example a beautiful stone which may set me alight with ideas for a piece of work from it’s colour, shape and texture. And as ever, the visitor is always a source of inspiration.

When I am not producing new work, I like to spend my time…
Enjoying good music…Elbow and Imagine Dragons  Exploring the hills and valleys with my pooch, and generally keeping busy and fit. I never sit down!

To me, Manchester Craft and Design Centre is…
Somewhere I am privileged to call my second home. A place of creativity and friends, and a fab place to work!

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