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Your Name: Helen Tiffany

Name of Business: Helen Tiffany Glass

Artform/Specialisms:  Kiln formed glassware and enamelled jewellery.

I share my studio with: THIS IS PEWTER

How would you describe the items you produce?

I specialise in kiln formed glass and metalwork, making decorative glassware and jewellery.

What are the things that have inspired, and continue to inspire, your work?
I have always been inspired by different materials and their unique properties; glass with its liquid and solid qualities offers unlimited possibilities. The creative use of recycled and reclaimed materials plays a very important role in my work and shapes many of my designs. I like to keep shape and form simple and let the materials shine. 

When you are not producing new work, what do you like to spend your time doing and why?
I have a love of making of all types even in my spare time, from cooking and baking, to sewing clothes and growing vegetables; I really enjoy watching projects develop.

If you were asked to describe the experience of visiting Manchester Craft & Design Centre to someone who has yet to come along, what would you tell them?
A unique opportunity to see talented craftspeople produce their work.

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