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Artform/Specialisms: Contemporary handmade jewellery / silver & gold.

I Share My Studio With: Laura Richardson and Charlotte Verity.

I would describe the items I produce as…
Jewellery collections in which I draw shapes and patterns with wire, predominantly silver. I like to produce linear and simplified shapes which also create interesting voids of space. I’ve incorporated off-centre and asymmetrical shapes that have hints of exaggerated detail, and make organic clusters of what I call `pebbles` by layering and stacking various sized ovals. I also produce a range of bespoke rings and wedding bands.

The things that have inspired, and continue to inspire my work are…
I’ve used essences of the baroque style that have interested me, such as the curves of lavish detail used in sculptures and the irregularity and imperfections associated with it. Art Nouveau and Art Deco have also been influences; I quite like classical and opulent shapes. My keen interest is shape and space.

When I am not producing new work, I like to spend my time…
I also use my metalwork skills working as an armature maker at Mackinnon & Saunders making stop-motion animation puppets – seen in films such as The Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr Fox, Frankenweenie and ParaNorman. The armature is a steel skeleton structure designed and made to give the puppet maximum movement for the animator.

I enjoy: Hill walking; camping; reading; running; skiing; visiting galleries/exhibitions; photography/using Adobe Photoshop.

To me, Manchester Craft & Design Centre is…

An inspiring and friendly place to have a workshop and display space. I find it amazing to be able to make my work and meet the visitors at the same time.

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