Pop Ups!

BY Deborah Simms




You’ll find MCAD at HATCH MCR from the 17th June for our new pop up! In preparation for our event here are some top tips we can share.


Define your objective:


What are you hoping to achieve from your pop up? Testing a new audience? Brand exposure? Or a boost in seasonal sales? Defining this before your event gives you focus and is a way to measure the success afterwards.




It’s the boring but essential part – read the small print. When signing agreements check who is liable for what, which insurances you need in place and the health and safety requirements for the location. Confirm what risk assessments you need to provide for the venue and take some time to plan a strategy for ‘worst case’ scenarios.


Stock take:


Know what stock you are taking and have a system prepared in advance for display. You have limited time for consumer interaction and don’t want to waste it trying to find the prices of items. Be organised!


Use social media:


Pop ups are meant to be a fast way of testing a market, so traditional media is too slow. Bring exposure to your event by using social media and try to encourage interaction in person with your audience with an event during your pop-up week.




Ask in advance what lighting/plug sockets you will have access to and if you have wifi/utilities included in your lease price. You are working from scratch so consider design essentials such as where to keep extra stock, where to store the cash till and your personal items on the shop floor. Once again, you have limited time, so avoid furniture that will take up time being assembled.


Keep in touch:


A pop up can be a great way to reach a new audience for your brand. Make it clear and easy for your new customers to find you again!


Thinking of renting a space? Check out this website which lists available spaces: