Hypothesis Theory

BY Deborah Simms


A lot of the support around small business currently frames the discussion around small tech companies. They are the ‘great new hope’ of our economy, the way in which we will move forward as a country and therefore a large quantity of business support funds are being pumped into this industry.


But what can the maker community gain from this support? If you are a small start-up, a lot of the funding will still apply to you and therefore it is always useful to get in touch with your local growth hub to see what is available.


The second thing that happens through these extra funds are new theories growing around the way in which a small business should work. Some of these techniques can be really useful for craft and maker businesses, where a lot of the logic still applies.


As a small business you have the opportunity to be agile, to try new things, to test and to use the loyal fan base that you have to try out new ideas in a safe space.


One of the ways in which this can be done is through what I am calling hypothesis theory, but is a widely used system of testing used in these smaller tech companies. On a very basic level it walks you through the way in which you can develop your business in small bite sized chunks that make it easier to make bigger decisions down the line.


I have attached a pdf of how this works, please feel free to download this free resource for your use and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at:


[email protected]


Written by Deborah Simms.