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BY Deborah Simms


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Please find below a very basic start-up checklist for your creative business.

Having spoken to new makers in the Craft Centre, and those that came along to Hubbub, we noticed a lack of basic documents that would help new business owners understand what they have to start their own business.

So I’ve put together this downloadable PDF to help you get started:

Creative Start-Up Checklist

Important to remember! this is by no means an exhaustive list. There will be things that crop up that are unique to your business and/ or that we’ve missed. If you think it’s relevant please let us know and we’ll update the doc. Similarly, you may not have to do everything on this list either! Be critical, if you don’t need it, don’t do it.

Also, don’t be put off if you don’t know or understand elements of this! We will be posting further content to help you engage with the various points.

It may be a great way to find out what things you need help with/ training in. If this is the case, make a note of it and let us know!

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Via e-mail: [email protected]


Download the document:

Creative Start-Up Checklist