A New Ceramics Collection: Lee Page Hanson

BY Deborah Simms


Lee’s career has taken him across experimentation, commercialisation and minimalism culminating in a collection that draws on his experience and influence to produce simple, beautiful items.

Located at Manchester’s Craft and Design Centre in the artistic hub of the Northern Quarter, Lee has used his studio and retail space over the past twenty years commercially and experimentally, using his direct interaction with the public to fuel his work.

Graduating in the 1990s, Lee began by working in community education, alongside making his original work. He was given a large batch of decals by someone he met through the group. This led to experimentation with transfers, and development from his original style.

Working with these new techniques, his work then proved popular with leading brands such as Anthropologie and Sundance (America). Making large quantities of work for high street stores, Lee found the pace and development for retail exhilarating until late 2017, when issues with consistency of materials, alongside a period of mental health issues, warranted a different direction.

As a result, he brought his focus back on his retail space, and allowed himself the time and space to experiment.  

Finding inspiration in Japanese aesthetics, Lee’s experimentation spanned techniques including coiling, throwing, slab-building, pinch-pots and using a variety of glazes and underglazes with a crank body (an open textured, coarsely grogged clay). He enjoyed the process: being in the flow and rhythm of making and made the first of his new collection. This one particular piece, which reflected Japanese aesthetic, achieved the qualities that he has been trying to emulate for a number of years.

This led to an increasingly creative time, building a collection of monochromatic work taking influence not only from Japanese aesthetic but from the coal piles of his youth. Coal being an important factor in the fabric of his home town, reflected in the deep black of some of his pieces in the new collection.

Lee’s collection is a culmination of over twenty years of work in the ceramics industry, using simple forms to tell a story of the maker’s past, present and future.

If you are interested in purchasing any pieces, you can find Lee’s contact details here: https://www.leepagehanson.com/contact/

Or visit him at Manchester Craft and Design Centre:

Studio 4,
17 Oak St, Manchester
M4 5JD