Studio Critical Maker Talk

With Nick Vorstermans

Saturday 6th July, 11am - 12pm

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Join maker Nick Vorstermans from Studio Critical: for a talk and Q&A on his current exhibition on Saturday 6th July at 11am.

Nick focuses his practice on using locally and sustainably sourced materials. His wooden spoons, bowls, furniture and other functional pieces are handmade, many of them from green wood salvaged from urban trees that fell naturally or were trimmed.

Nick will discuss his ideas for the exhibition, explain his creative process, and end with a Q&A with the audience.

Tickets are free but need to be booked online.

If you would like to submit questions before the Q&A, please email [email protected] before Wednesday 28th June.

Saturday 6th July, 11am – 12pm
Space 2, Ground Floor
This event is free but ticketed