Spotted 2018 : Interview with Meghan Graydon Darby

BY Manchester Craft and Design Centre


Meghan graduated from the Textiles in Practice course at Manchester school of Art earlier this year. Meghan looks at the everyday and the many things we tend to overlook as part of our identity and culture. She explores elements from her past surroundings and identity as part of her primary inspiration, referring to the traits of the town where she is originally from. Following her graduation and degree show, we spoke further with Meghan about her work and how she plans to move forward with her practice. Meghan will also be exhibiting at the Craft and Design Centre in February 2019.


What sort of things spurred your interest in exploring overlooked identity and culture?

I think what spurred my interest in exploring everyday identity and culture is based on looking at my own surroundings and finding elements which are relatable to both myself and other people therefore, I can use that as an idea to transform and work on.


Degree show by Meghan Graydon Darby


How do your inspirations inform your choice of materials and techniques?

My inspiration tends to be subtle – I work visually and take a lot of photos which I then use as a basis to draw from, then I make decisions along the way through experimenting both digitally and physically to see what material would work best as a practical outcome.


Where do you see yourself this time next year? 

In a years time, I hope to still have a studio where I can make my work – whether that is North East based or in Manchester. I want to take time to put on accessible workshops for those communities who influence my work as well as take part in residencies, so I can take my work to another domain and push my ideas further.


Which artists inspire you most?

At the moment, I’m inspired a lot by Lubiana Himid, Jonathan Trayte and previous winner of the craft and design prize, Laura Blake.

Art exhibition by Lubaina Himid

If you would like to see more of Meghan’s work or to find out more, you can visit her Instagram

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