MCDC’s 15th Graduate Exhibition Prize 2021

BY Manchester Craft and Design Centre



We’re really excited to announce our 15th Graduate Exhibition Award in partnership with Manchester School of Art.

The past 18 months have been incredibly challenging for all of us, and this year’s graduates have done incredibly well to produce a high-quality online exhibition of a huge range of works. In response to the difficult year these graduates have faced, we wanted to open up our exhibition to more graduates and give our visitors the chance to see work by more talented makers. Therefore, our 15th Graduate Exhibition Award will go to 5 graduates completing their degrees in Textiles in Practice and 3-Dimensional Design. 

The graduates will exhibit their work in Manchester Craft and Design Centre and receive mentoring from our management team.

The work in MMU’s online exhibition, All Eyes on You, showcases the skill and commitment of these new makers. We’re really looking forward to working with the graduates at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. The exhibition will launch in January 2022.


From 3-Dimensional Design

TablewareYasmeen Kinley-Siddiq

Yasmeen’s combination of practical research into people’s morning routines and colour theory blend together perfectly to create functional and beautiful work that embed joy into the every day.




LampsZhenlian Wu

After the last year of lockdown and spending more time at home, we related to Zhenlian’s nature and cloud inspired work that look to bring the outside in. Her incredible hand-carved pieces reflect the unique form of clouds.




Gold object with plant


Emily McManus 

We were immediately drawn to Emily’s striking pieces and her skilled use of surface manipulation that represents her research into the positive influence fractal patterns can have on our emotions.




From Textiles in Practice

QuiltHannah Inglis 

Hannah’s use of traditional and contemporary techniques come together to create bold beautiful quilts that are really distinctive. We really enjoyed reading about her influence in finding joy in the mundane whilst experiencing lockdown.




Leather object
Emily Bagshaw 

Emily also took inspiration from bringing nature into our homes and we were incredibly impressed by her range of solutions to the question of how to incorporate more biophilic designs into our lives.