AP Focus: The Closca Fuga Helmet

BY Manchester Craft and Design Centre


We’re taking a focused look into a key piece of our Athletically Pleasing exhibition by Closca Design. Winner of The Red Dot Design Award in 2015, the Closca Fuga Helmet is an innovation in cycling safety. A minimalist design alongside a highly developed function creates a product like no other.

The inner structure is made up of reinforced fiberglass, expanded polystyrene and polycarbonate, achieving maximum impact absorption capability with minimum thickness. Hidden air vents create a breathable ventilation system which also adds to the minimalist aesthetic.

The helmet was the result of a collaboration between creative consultancy firm CuldeSac and Closca, together they wanted to create a product that was not merely a protection accessory but a stylish statement that the new-age urban cyclists would want to wear.


This helmet is very smooth to the touch and the quality is recognised instantly. We love the combination of innovative design & safety, and consideration of modern street style. This piece perfectly fits into our Athletically Pleasing exhibition, as it also fits perfectly into Manchester, with cycling culture reaching high levels, style and safety are in demand more than ever.


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