AP Focus: The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie by Vollebak

BY Manchester Craft and Design Centre



You may have seen the pink hoodie or caught glimpses, but what you will have noticed is that this is no typical street wear. A high level of research and development has gone into putting together that pink. Vollebak have created a whole experiment centred around rest and recuperation, which includes a soundtrack to be listened to alongside the hoodie which has been ‘engineered for relaxation and recovery’.

The Baker Miller Pink was the result of research into a series of psychological experiments in 1979 and 1987. The research confirmed that just 15 minutes of a cell painted entirely in a colour named ‘Baker Miller Pink’ would calm the minds and tranquilize the muscles of even the most violent prisoners as their heart rates rapidly slowed. The concept is intended to help conserve energy pre performance, maintain focus and recover afterwards.

Baker Miller Pink Experiment

Working alongside this colour is the Baker Miller Pink Soundtrack. Designed to induce the kind of brainwaves you experience during meditation, it’s constructed almost entirely from calming pink noise. Containing every frequency the human ear can hear, you find pink noise throughout nature, from crashing waves to wind blowing through the trees.

There is now a range of colours of the Relaxation Hoodie: The Blackout edition: Designed for peace, quiet and anonymity, The Forest Green edition: to psych out the competition & The Slate Grey edition: Eliminates distractions to help you focus.

Be sure to visit the Athletically Pleasing exhibition to listen to the accompanying soundtrack and view the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie’s calming colour at its brightest and best.