AP Focus: Lululemon Silverescent Fabric

BY Manchester Craft and Design Centre


Lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for both women and men. For their pieces within the exhibition, they have chosen a tank top and a t-shirt from their Silverescent range.

lululemon discovered that silver – a material not usually associated with exercise or clothing – inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria that occurs when you sweat. Their patented ‘Silverescent’ fabric has 99.9% pure silver bonded to the surface of every fibre. Silver releases positive ions that are attracted to the bacteria’s negatively charged ions. When they all get together, the bacteria stops reproducing and kicking up a big stink.

The X-STATIC® technology embedded in Silverescent fabric bonds 99.9% pure silver to the surface of every fibre—which means that there’s stink-conquering technology woven into the very fabric of your favourite workout clothes. And it will never wash out or stop working.