Pewter Spoon Workshop

Workshop Leader: Ella McIntosh

Friday 9th December, 10am - 4pm

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

A full day of spoon making with Ella McIntosh. A jam packed day of traditional pewtersmtihing skills,

We will cover a whole variety of traditional pewtersmtihing skills to create your own unique spoon design.

Ella will guide you through each process with demonstrations as you learn how to hammer a flat sheet of metal into a spoon bowl.

We will then use molten pewter to cast ingots for the handles before personalising your spoon using a variety of letter stamping, shaping and hammering before polishing for you to take home. A handmade spoon for lots of yummy treats!

Date & Time: Friday 9th December, 10am – 4pm
Tickets: £105
Venue: Space2, Ground Floor, Manchester Craft and Design Centre
Suitable for beginners or those with previous silver or jewellery experience