Pewter Jewellery Making

Workshop Leader: Ella McIntosh

Saturday 16th December, 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

During this workshop, Ella will guide you through adding texture and pattern to sheet pewter, a lead-free metal before using hammers, formers, letter punches, piercing saws, soldering and polishing techniques to finish your jewellery.

We will use textures and foraged dried leaves or petals (green fresh leaves don’t work) to print on the pewter using a traditional metalwork tool called a rolling mill.

Ella will have a large selection for you to choose from, but please do feel free to bring along interesting textures to try – items less than 5mm thick such as lace, paper stencils or dried leaves work well.

We will then use hammers and piercing tools to shape your jewellery (approx 3 made per workshop) before polishing so you can proudly wear them home. A fun workshop to create your unique piece of jewellery and experience the tactile experience of working with pewter.

Date & Time: Saturday 16th December, 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Tickets: £55
Venue: Space2, Ground Floor, Manchester Craft and Design Centre
Suitable for beginners or those with previous silver or jewellery experience