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What goes on…Behind Closed Doors

Celebrating 10 years of our MMU Graduate Award

Find out what happened when we went Behind Closed Doors with Verity Howard…

“I normally start with a concept, and this one was taking photos in through people’s windows. I wasn’t trying to be voyeuristic or intrusive, I’ve just always been really fascinated with how, when you walk past people’s windows, you capture glimpses into their lives, so I was trying to capture the warmth and stillness and really strong sense of absence of presence that a room without a person has.”

Click on the video below to hear Verity talking about the inspirations behind her work and how she feels about being our 10th MMU Graduate Award Winner…

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  • Behind Closed Doors: Ceramics by Verity Howard

    Exhibition at Manchester Craft & Design Centre (25/02/16-29/05/16). Verity Howard's slab-built ceramic forms are inspired by her fascination with people's everyday lives and activities. Each piece features a monoprinted or stamped glimpse through a window, and conveys a sense of stillness, absence of presence, and the eerie sensation of being an outsider looking in.