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5 inspirations from MCDC this Valentine’s day

Written by Helene Charrara

  1. A Creative Heart

Our philosophy on present giving is inspired by the concept of a creative heart. Creative hearts offer us an alternative to mass produced goods such as chocolate – and – flowers combos. A creative heart is an inventive person who puts energy and thought, not just money into buying or making for a loved one. At MCDC, we have truly special gifts that have had time, energy and expert skills put into them from inspiration to final product.

tile lee page hanson ceramics

Lee Page Hanson – Studio 4


  1. Bespoke products

Several of our makers, if you get there in good time will craft bespoke frames for you based on ephemera your loved one collects, such as crystals, or letters, or collage materials. This is a sure fire way to show someone you really care about their passions.

ephemera collage

Clare Hillerby – Studio 20a

  1. Not necessity, but luxury

The whole point of gift giving in our opinion is to choose your partner a gift that they would never dream of buying themselves. This doesn’t mean reading their mind, as here at MCDC we have luxury handcrafted items that would surprise and delight even the most discerning shopper.

liliana mandziuk earrings craft

Liliana Mandziuk – Studio 12

  1. Popping the question

If you’re ready to take the plunge, we have options. Beautiful rings that say ‘I love you’ and will be hard to turn down. There is also the RA Designer Jewellery ‘marry me’ ring that asks the all important question for you, and doubles up as a deposit on an engagement ring. Fiscally smart and unusually romantic – that’s a bingo we say. Anne won Jeweller of the Year at the English Wedding Award 2017, read more about her story here.

ring marry me jewellery

RA Designer Jewellery – Studio 5

  1. And for singles

Creative hearts don’t have to be in love. Why not buy something for what millennials call your person this Valentines day, that special someone in your life that you tell everything to, be it a relative, partner or a friend. Or surround yourself with friends for some joyous gift swapping, without the pressure of a one to one gift exchange with a paramour. At this time of year its important to remember being single is great too, so celebrate! We cater for everyone at MCDC with a huge variety of gifts to choose from.

For more inspiration, check out our Valentine’s day shopping guide.