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This week our resident makers are beginning work on their individual section of a 49 piece mural for our upcoming exhibition HAND CRAFT. Each of the 49 panels were delivered this week on a newly produced HAND.01 refillable, paper-topped table by new British design studio HAND as part of a special collaboration with our makers, Manchester based creatives and paper pioneers G.F Smith. The HAND.01 table launched at Milan Design Week earlier this year and is the brain child of fellow Manchester designers Liam Hopkins of Lazerian, and Daren Newman of Me and My Pen.

We are partnering the panels with makers and creatives this week and excitedly await their return for the launch of HAND CRAFT on Thursday 8th September. The completed mural will reflect the iconic architecture of our beautiful Victorian market building and celebrate the diversity of the creative talent under our roof and beyond.

Our confirmed resident makers and creatives include:

Jon Damien // Amy Wilkinson // &made // Chris Davies // Charlotte Verity //Tracey Birchwood // fir + wren // Hannah Raeside // &clay // Devines Designs //Lee Page Hanson // Kathryn Edwards // Alex Mullan // Linzi Ramsden // Wall of Art // Eve Redmond // Gemma Scully // Ink Inc // Tea Party at the Zoo// Nell //Made by Shannon // Jane Blease // Laura Fray  // Sam Smith // Laura Richardson// Mella Moylan // Helen Tiffany // Clare Hillerby // Rachel McMahon, Catherine Player and Domee Wroblewska // Ness Donnelly // Gemma Latham // Lucy Harvey // Katherine Lees // Daren Newman // Liam Hopkins

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