Devines Design

Manchester Craft and Design Centre has been my workplace since 2004. This is where I design and make contemporary, simple, functional shapes for accessories and bags using mainly cowhide and lambs leather.

After completing my Embroidery degree in 2003 at Manchester Metropolitan University, I have continued to develop my skills as a maker.

By hand and machine, I combine traditional embroidery techniques such as appliqué and hand stitch to enhance my designs. Carefully choosing which detail, embellishment and colour to complement each piece of work.



Simplicity is the key to what I like to produce and although there are intricate hand stitching involved, I always try to keep function in mind and question why I am doing certain processes so that I can change or tweak my designs.

Manchester Craft Centre is a great place to work and meet our customers and also for the social interaction with other like-minded makers, it makes it a very inspiring place to be.

You’ll find me cutting, sewing or machining in studio 9. I look forward to welcoming you.