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Take home a paper folded artwork by Kate Colin

Written by Sarah Earnshaw

Here at Manchester Craft and Design Centre we are showcasing Kate Colin’s work in our current exhibition- ‘Kate Colin: The Art of the Fold. The Glasgow based designer-maker explores colour, shadows and geometric forms through her unique paper folding technique to create handmade lampshades and paper folded artworks. A lot of the work on display is available to purchase, the lampshades are on sale ranging from £290 – £435. Using 100% recycled paper and inspired by Scandinavian design and 20th Century colour palettes, she brings vibrancy and colour to these paper forms creating beautiful centrepieces. Kate’s lampshade designs are the perfect way to bring an elegant lighting and backdrop to your home. The soft lighting that is created through these bold, colourful, elegant designs brings a warm inviting atmosphere to any room.

Kate also has framed artworks up for sale which are £460 each. These showcase her paper folding technique which can be appreciated close up and from a distance. She uses folding and stitching to create these ridged artworks. These are more understated in colour, but are still just as bold in design.

Paper folded baubles are also for sale, they are £10 each and are available over the christmas period. If you are interested in purchasing Kate Colin’s work please either visit the office located on the first floor or email our Exhibitions & Events Officer at 

‘Kate Colin: The Art of the Fold’ is located in our exhibition space and is open until the 3rd February 2018.