Job title:
Marketing Consultant
When you joined the organisation:

Please describe your involvement with the Centre, going into relevant detail about your responsibilities and an average day, week, month or year in your role.

I work just five minutes’ walk from the Centre, so am a regular customer. But as a board member, I attend board meetings to ensure the Centre is managed effectively and under proper governance, I sit on the Finance Committee which looks at the finances of the Centre (and how these can constantly be improved), and I have assisted the management team with a number of marketing matters, as this relates to my professional specialism.

Please name the things that you love about the Centre, independent craft and design and/or the arts, providing further reflection if you are inspired to do so.

I love the variety in the Centre, the fact that it is so close to work and ideal for “popping in”, the building and the history associated with it, and the idea of a group of talented people working collectively.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date, personally or professionally?

I’m lucky to have had many achievements, both personally and professionally and don’t feel able to single one out, but I take the greatest pride in watching the young people in my life grow and develop into extraordinary individuals and I am proud of the contribution I may have made to that.

What is the one, major ambition you still hope to fulfil out of everything you aspire to achieve?

My biggest ambition is to remain healthy and happy, alongside my family for as long as possible. It may sound trite, but I have learned it’s too easy to take for granted and lose sight of while pursuing other, less important ambitions, for example, at work.



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