Job title:
Operations Manager
Manchester Craft & Design Centre
When you joined the organisation:
August 2016

Please describe your involvement with the Centre, going into relevant detail about your responsibilities and an average day, week, month or year in your role:

As a small and perfectly formed team we all support each other where possible however my main role is Operations Manager for MCAD so I’m responsible for ensuring the well being and upkeep of our beautiful and historic building and all that entails, I am also responsible for the hiring of the atrium and events room Space 2.

Name five things that you love about the Centre and independent craft & design:

I discover new and different methods of craft through just popping my head through the makers doors, I learn something new every day I’m here.
As a visual artist I was drawn to MCAD when I first moved to Manchester and remain impressed with the uniqueness, quality and scope of the work on offer
Its an honour to work in and help to safeguard such an historic building whilst being amongst such a warm and creative community of makers
I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a small and dedicated management team who are fully committed and passionate about where they work.
Being able to buy precious things to send back to my NZ family who are all massive craft lovers and very jealous i work here.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date, personally or professionally?

One of my paintings were selected for the London Griffin Art Prize in 2015



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