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This year at New Designers in The Business Design centre, Islington we spotted so much amazing talent on display. Five makers stood out from the crowd as our ‘spotted’ selection for 2016.

Andrew Scott’s (Duncan of Jordanstone University) hand-painted bold coloured textiles caught our eye instantly. Inspired by his trip to Burano Italy, the bright coloured houses translate to beautiful block patterns. Andrew envisages his beautiful textiles gracing the walls of hotels.

andrew scott

Lauren Saunders (Loughborough University) impressed us with her sculptural fashion pieces as well as her strong business sense! Her eye for design extended from the pieces themselves into the display, styling, lookbook and video which accompanied her work. Check out her Instagram for more! (


You can catch Lauren in the “Folded Nature” exhibition at the National Centre for Craft & Design’s “Class of 2016” graduate talent exhibition from September.

We fell in love with Josefina Flello Martinez’s cactus-themed metalwork (DeMontfort University). A 2D illustrator by nature, she won the Goldsmiths Precious Metal Bursary in 2015 and was driven to realise her drawings in 3D. We loved the combination of her copper and enamel which she displayed alongside her drawings.


Whilst Catherine Bridget Phillips (Buckinghamshire New University) showed pieces made from both glass and ceramics, it was her collection of tableware which really caught our eye. Each of her pieces showed the hand of the maker, with deep finger marks stretching across her large clay sharing platters. But our favourite pieces of Catherine’s were her small cups with gold lustre wraps. The amount of gold detailing reflected the type of hot drink the cup should contain – from a tiny sliver at the base for an espresso, to a large amount of gold for two hands hugging a hot chocolate.

catherine phillips

Lingyu He’s (Edinburgh College of Art) jewellery demanded to be touched! We couldn’t resist the combination of glass and silver, which Lingyu has ‘knotted’ together for her series of rings and necklaces. Her jewellery pieces were accompanied by prints, photographs and models which really showed off the technicality of each piece. We particularly loved the way she manipulated the glass in her ‘Touch’ series.

Lingyu He