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Spotted at MMU

We were astounded by the vast range of talent from MMU’s Three-Dimensional Design graduates. Felix Bell is an innovative product designer who aims to produce designs that are sustainable and beneficial to society. So far his collection of designs has included a 3D printed, biodegradable pen, sustainable benches for the Manchester International Festival and 3D printed prosthetic leg covers. We can’t wait to see what he creates next!

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Katie Askwith is also a product designer but she specialises in creating unique furniture and interiors, inspired by exposing the structure of designs to show how they were constructed.

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Megan Ocheduszko has designed a collection of multi-sensory, tactile jewellery. She incorporates hair, silicone and sponge into her pieces to create playful pieces that stimulate the senses (we can confirm that they felt amazing).


Siobhan Doran creates contemporary jewellery by working with the organic, natural qualities of rocks and minerals, and keeps the stone rough instead of cutting and polishing it.

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We also spotted two other standout designers from the Textiles in Practice degree show. Claire Florey-Hitchcox creates beautifully detailed, printed wallpaper, inspired by the arrangement of a collection of miscellaneous objects. We love how she has used hand-carved woodblocks, a traditional printing technique, to produce such contemporary designs.

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Martina Florence Billson has designed a collection of adaptable equipment to accommodate the needs of a wanderer, as she believes that our need to explore, share and discover has made us develop into a nomadic culture.

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