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Spotted 2018 : MMU

The team here at MCDC have been spotting talent at regional and national graduate shows since 2011, and have been awarding exhibitions to graduates for the last 11 years! We hand-pick makers who we think are the “ones to watch” in the world of contemporary craft & design, shown with a SPOTTED! sign awarded to the maker to display alongside their work. We then support, promote and publicise these superstar graduates here on our website for all to see and celebrate.

This year at the Manchester Metropolitan University Degree Show, we have spotted designers Maisie Smith and Andrew Hamilton  from the three-dimensional design course and textile designer Abigail Avery from the textile in practice course.


Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton (3D Design) takes inspiration from materials and processes used to work with them, he inquisitively studies objects and our relationship with them to produce beautiful and useful everyday objects.

Find out more about Andrew here.

Andrew Hamilton


Maisie Smith

Maisie Smith designs useful objects with a playful element, playing with the users preconceived ideas about the object and its function. Her work creates an alternative perspective and invites users to enjoy objects by taking pleasure in interacting with things in weird and wonderful ways rather than its primary function.

Find out more about Maisie here.


Maisie Smith spotted 2018

Maisie Smith


Abigail Avery

Inspired by coastal areas, she investigates weathered worn surfaces created by rust and decay. She practice explores the relationship between cloth and process, combining both hand and digital processes.

Find out more about Abigail here.


Abigail Avery Print design at MMU Degree Show 2018


We look forward to visiting New Designers next on the 29th of June.

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Maisie Smith