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Spotted 2018 : Interview with Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton graduated from the Three Dimensional Design course at Manchester school of Art earlier this year. Andrew designs furniture and products primarily for mass and batch production, with the simple aim to produce beautiful and useful everyday objects. Following his graduation and degree show, we spoke further with Andrew about his work and how he plans to move forward with his practice.


Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

I am inspired primarily by the actual act of making. By engaging with materials and processes in the way of a craftsman, I experiment with a loose idea and allow the results to guide iterations until I get something that I am happy with.  Having said this, my work is also informed by observations, particularly of nature-the ultimate source of functional beauty. Looking closely at nature through sketching and detailed analysis of structural composition allows me to become aware of recurring themes and patterns that can be found in all works of beauty. Although I try to avoid direct and obvious representations of these observations, I allow them to intuitively inform decisions regarding the use of formal and functional elements such as proportion, line, colour and construction details.


Desk table design by Andrew Hamilton


 What are your favourite materials to work with?

I love working with all natural materials, but undoubtedly my favourite is wood. It is strong, light (comparatively), easy to shape, hosts an endless variety of characteristics that are unique to each piece, is completely sustainable and even draws carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It is the original and unrivalled wonder material!

Close up wood texture

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I would like to be continuing to lay the foundations to build my practice in to a sustainable and successful one. I intend to have developed new products that I can begin to approach retailers, manufacturers and interior furniture specifiers with, alongside beginning to build a client base of private customers for bespoke work in furniture and interiors.


Which artists inspire you most?

There are many from a range of different creative disciplines, but if I had to name one inspirational artist it would have be Hans Wegner. Not even for his beautiful work but for the way in which he approached the design process. Wegner came to design from a similar background to myself, first training as a craftsman. I empathise with his sensitive understanding of materials and processes as the biggest informant of his work.

Chair design by Hans Wegner


If you would like to see more of Andrew’s work or to find out more, you can visit his Instagram or website.

Thanks for reading! We will be posting more interviews with our spotted graduates in the coming months!