Katab Quilt – Miraben

One of a kind, handmade textile quilt made by Miraben - shown at Manchester Craft and Design as part of the recent Katab exhibition.

Miraben came to Ahmedabad, India with her parents when she was two years old during The Partition of India in 1947. For their first 8 years in Ahmedabad the family worked as labourers, until a businessman visited their home and on seeing their quilt work gave the family their first order. At the beginning of her working life, Miraben helped her mother appliqué a white on white sari for the late legendary Bollywood actress, Nargis. Miraben now only makes quilts domestically, giving them away to family and friends. She sees the quilts as family heirlooms, and made eleven quilts as gifts for her daughter’s wedding.

For this quilt Miraben was inspired by a wedding in a film, and chose the shiny fabric from the tailor “as a wedding is all about celebration!” Perfectionist Miraben doesn’t hurry anything, and took two months to make the quilt.

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