Katab Quilt – Deviben

One of a kind, handmade textile quilt made by Deviebn - shown at Manchester Craft and Design as part of the recent Katab exhibition.

Deviben has worked for 3 years for an NGO, where she earns 6,500 Rupees a month (£78). With a keen sense of both colour and design and a thorough knowledge of her craft, Deviben is a skilled and dedicated maker whose practice is deeply rooted within her traditional heritage, something she takes great pride in.

Deviben’s quilt is based on the colourful film Navrang, in which the heroine dances with a pot on her head during a moonlit night. Deviben has been the ultimate recycler – many of these scraps are second hand quilt scraps. It took over two months to hand quilt the front of the quilt. She bought fabrics by weight from the dagla wale, a lady who sits on the corner of the road. “I bargained a good price for the fabrics, but I had to re-visit her several times to find the colours of my choice.”


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