Message Bangle

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These silver personalised Message Bangles are the ideal gift for someone special. The unique simple bangle is ideally suited to men or women and you can have your own personalized message stamped on the inside. The message can be up around 80 characters long and the digits are oxidised (blackened) to be easily read. Both letters and numbers can be used together.

The personalized message can also be stamped on the outside on request. The message can be as simple or as outrageous as you like. The lettering is like an old typewriter font, slightly disjointed.

You can choose from a 'flat' bangle (its section is flat and rectangular shape) or a 'D shape' bangle (its section is rounded & shaped like the letter D).

D shape weight approx 30g, flat shape weight approx 27g

The bangles are made to order in any size, an approx (UK) guide is:

19cm - size 8, very small woman

20cm = size 10/12 , small woman

21cm = 12/14, medium woman or very small man

22cm = 14/16/18, medium woman or small man

23cm = size 18 & over, large woman or medium man

24 cm = large man


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