Slim Rivet Keyrings

These Slim Rivet Keyrings have a D-ring at one end and a slim trigger hook at the other end. It has a number of different ways it can be used. The D-ring could be used to hook a set of keys or a single key in a safe place at home or work. I actually have one in my bag at all times where I clip my house keys onto so I am never fishing around in my bag for keys. The leather piece is long enough to fall down into your bag to hide keys securely but always easy to pull them out again when needed. The keyring can be used the other way up too so that the split ring of your keys can be attached to the D-ring and the trigger hook can be clipped onto whatever it needs!

Width: 2 cm Height: 15 cm Depth: 0.5 cm. Comes with a spare split ring.

Made by Devinesdesign, studio 9.

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