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Perfect Presents: Christmas shopping guide

Buy handmade this Christmas and find your perfect presents!

Written by Helene Charara

Why not buy something lovingly handcrafted by our makers this Christmas? The pieces we have chosen this week are all very different but have one thing in common: they’re utterly charming. First we have a geometric porcelain to give any room a touch of sophistication. Earrings to catch the eye of everyone at the New Year’s Eve do, an illustrated card to show someone you really care, and finally, quirky and fun textile organisers.

Lee Page Hanson – Studio 4

glass kiota craft

Gemma Truman – Studio 26

jewellery craft earrings

Liliana Mandziuk – Studio 12

card christmas illustration

Inkinc – Studio 20

plants crafts textile

&made – Studio 21