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Perfect Presents: Christmas Shopping Guide, our picks of the week!

Buy handmade this Christmas and find your perfect presents! Come to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre for an inspiring selection of handmade gifts that will be sure to delight their recipients. If you want to see a look of genuine surprise on your loved one’s face, sneak off to MCDC and buy authentic and slowly, exquisitely crafted art. In our selection this week, we have stunning wares, everything from jewellery to original artwork. First off we have a sensitive drawing by Sue Kane which could be the focal point in a living room, showstopper earrings which are mini sculptures from Charlotte Verity, an abstract graphic print with interesting variations of texture by Nell Smith Prints, glasswork by Michelle Keeling Glass which is out of this world and finally, illustrative and delicate earrings from the Magpie’s Daughter which are filmic in their elegance.

Our picks this week:


painting watercolour craft

Sue Kane – Studio 23

jewellery glass craftCharlotte Verity – Studio 1

print craft printing

Nell Smith Prints – Studio 25

glass craft art contemporary

Michelle Keeling Glass – Studio 26

jewellery craft manchester

The Magpie’s Daughter – Studio 17