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Perfect Presents: Christmas Shopping Guide 5

By Helene

Buy handmade this Christmas and find your perfect presents! Get something made with love this Christmas at MCDC, a bespoke and unique gift for that unique person in your life. An atmospheric drawing of a building in the city starts us off this week, along with a hand painted scene of dandelions to allow symbolism into the life of your special someone and inspire them. In third place, an unusual and sculptural necklace that is a drawing in space will offset a daywear look, a statement piece much needed for the wardrobe of a partner or relative. Then we have sensitively designed ceramics that will bring the outside in installed in any room. Lastly a bespoke piece of jewellery designed to your requirements will have your loved one smiling for at least a week straight.

Our picks this week:

illustration drawing manchester

Kathryn Edwards – Studio 25

painting metal dandelion

Laura Richardson – Studio 1

jewellery silver butterfly

Amy Wilkinson – Studio 1

ceramics tile plants

Linzi Ramsden – Studio 3

ring jewellery wedding

RA Designer Jewellery – Studio 5