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Perfect Presents: Christmas Shopping Guide 4

Written by Helene

Buy handmade this Christmas and find your perfect presents! We have a feast for the eyes this week, so head down to MCDC for a Christmas gift your loved one will never forget. First up we have a necklace from a maker who is inspired by Coco Chanel’s killer quote: ‘Never give a woman something she can’t wear in the evenings’. This jewellery certainly fits the bill and will make all your fellow party goers wonder exactly where it came from. Equally stunning though incredibly different, a necklace from a maker inspired by the palimpsest nature of an urban city, one who creates bespoke pieces using clients ephemera and letters. If you want a thoughtful, one of a kind beauty to give this Christmas then this one’s for you. Thirdly, based on an archive of prints, or – if you require – a new photograph, this wall art is punchy and rooted in a Mancunian spirit that is sure to be recognised by visitors to your home. Fourthly this week, its a tough, elegant bracelet that would give a punk twist to any outfit. The last artwork we have is almost too adorable to be allowed, one of a kind owls that are perfect adornment for any bedroom.

Our picks this week:

necklace jewellery pendant craft

Divinity – Studio 22

ephemera jewellery craft

Clare Hillerby – Studio 20a

digital photography manchester

Wall of Art – Studio 18

jewellery silver bracelet bangle

Colette Hazelwood – Studio 4

paper sculpture owl

Kaper – Studio 9