Open Call for Street Artists

Artist fee: £1200 + £100 for materials
Closing date for submissions: Friday 5 March 2021

We’re looking to work with an artist to paint a new mural on the side of our building on Copperas Street.

We would like to commission a mural that celebrates Manchester Craft and Design Centre, our amazing building, and the local area. Most importantly, we would like this mural to be a cheerful, welcoming piece of art that compliments its surroundings.

Manchester Craft and Design Centre is open and free to visit for everyone. We will not accept designs with racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, ageist, ableist or violent imagery.

Find out more about the centre and its history.



– The space is approximately 290cm wide x 145cm tall and is at ground level.
– We have a budget of £1300 for artists fees and materials.
– The project needs to be completed by Wednesday 31st March 2021.
– The mural needs to be durable as we expect it to be there for 1-2 years.
– Artist will need to have public liability insurance as the wall is on a public street.

Existing Mural

We wrote this brief with the help of a group of local residents. The group will choose a final design together. We will remove all names and personal details from applications before we share them with the group. We will contact all applicants by Monday 15th March to let them know if they are successful.


If you are interested in creating this mural, please email us with 5 images of past work (these don’t have to be murals) and a basic idea for your mural.

We don’t want submissions to take artists a long time to complete so we are not asking for full colour illustrations of your idea.

Your idea can be presented in any format that you feel comfortable working in, e.g.

– A drawing – it doesn’t have to be full colour
– A digital drawing
– A written plan
– A video or audio description of your idea

If you consider yourself to have a disability and there are adjustments we can make to aid you in either submitting an idea or completing this project, please let us know via email.

We are happy to accept group submissions but unfortunately cannot extend the budget past £1300.

Please send all applications to