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On the Wire: Kaper’s Tropical Rainforest

Kaper’s Tropical Rainforest

Screen-printed paper and wire

This summer our wire has come alive with colour and nature courtesy of the brilliant Kaper (Kate Kelly).

You can see toucans, toucanets, golden conures, red spectacled amazons and cockatoos amongst a range of colourful flowers and foliage.

Each and every bird and flower is handmade by Kate. Each creature starts as a doodle in her sketchbook and using a ruler and protractor she creates models. Each paper model is then handprinted, and the models assembled then varnished. This unique way of making ensures that no two birds are ever the same.

You can visit Kate in Studio 9 (downstairs) where you can buy and see more of her wonderful creations – or commission your very own rainforest!