New Mural Commission by Hammo

In spring 2021, we invited submissions for a new mural to be painted on Copperas Street to replace the existing artwork. We worked with members of the local community to form a panel of judges to choose a winner from over 50 brilliant submissions. The winning mural by artist Hammo is inspired by the story of Jimmy Kelly.

Photograph of Jimmy Kelly

Photo courtesy of Eddie Cartwright

Manchester Craft and Design Centre is a former Victorian fish market that operated from 1873 to 1973. During that time, the fishmongers working here would welcome cats into the market as a form of pest control, offering payment in the form of fish dinners! When the fish market closed in 1973, one fishmonger, Jimmy Kelly, returned regularly to ensure the cats wouldn’t go hungry. Our panel loved the interpretation of this story and how the history of our beautiful building is represented in the work.

Thanks to Nick Hamilton (Hammo, pictured below) and the Mural Selection Panel for all their time and hard work. We’re absolutely delighted with it!

Hammo next to the mural