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Spotted at New Designers 2018

Visiting New Designers, in London is always a very exciting time. This year we spotted so much amazing talent on display. Five makers stood out from the crowd as our ‘spotted’ selection for 2018.

Ishy Miller:

Ishy is a keen dressmaker and wants to show people that the craft is much easier than what one might think. She has developed simple dress-making kits for beginners.

‘Through garment and textile designs, my dressmaking kits are targeted at young adults. As handmade craft and design are important to me, the kits incorporate designs from my screen-printed collection of textiles.’


dressmaking fabric craft

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Toni De Jesus:

‘In the modern and post-modern periods, the home has been both an important and undervalued location for encountering art, particularly ceramics. Important because the domestic space is the traditional site for encountering it, and undervalued because of connotations of craft belonging to the female sphere, a place of utility, of low financial value, and small-scale to enable its display within the home. Questions raised by this discourse resonate through my practice, a fusion of coil building and levels of flux cause the boundary of each form to literally oscillate as if in response to attempts at fixed definition.’


toni de jesus ceramics vessels

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Bethany Fowkes:

‘As a designer and maker, I am inspired by patterns and colours that are around me. Taking inspiration from this, in which I can then create designs and ideas to push and develop further. Refining into a finished idea or product.’


glass vessels crafts

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Jess Davids:

Jess creates a variety of beautifully colourful glass vessels.

Jess Davids Glass

Credit Nigel Essex

You can see more of Jess’ works here.

Jan Warnock:

Jan is a designer-maker originally from Northern Ireland but currently studying silversmithing and jewellery at Edinburgh College or Art.

‘My love for colour and contemporary design has left me creating a collection of work which is multimedia, a mixture of precious metal and jesmonite.’

Jan Warnock Design

Discover more of Jan’s works here.

Sam Phelps:

Sam is a Jeweller, inspired by human movement and geometry he creates pieces that are wearable sculptures.

Sam Phelps Jewellery

Discover more of Sam’s works here. 


An innovative body of textile design work by Charlotte Bainbridge.

west 17 Thread

Discover more of their works here.