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MMU Graduate Award winner 2014

We are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s MMU Graduate Solo Exhibition Award: Rosemary Grace Booth. This year is our 9th annual prize – time has certainly flown by! Rosemary is a BA (Hons) ‘Textiles In Practice’ graduate.

Rosemary’s works are the result of a slow, meditative drawing process. The large paper artworks in the show feature complex patterns created painstakingly by hand drawn marks. Rosemary says: “Each mark is made intuitively, in response to the one made before it. Every drawing represents an altered state of mind, a hypnotic state that I go into when I begin each piece and have an unlimited potential of where the results are often unexpected. As I work, I force myself to slow down and consider each moment in the present.”

These pieces are brought to life by the two light sources they are displayed with in Manchester School of Art’s Benzie Building – one piece sits on a lightbox and the second hangs in a window. We were also intrigued by Rosemary’s portfolio in which she demonstrated working with the same technique into metal as well as paper. You can see more of Rosemary’s work here.

The range and quality of work across the School of Art was once again brilliant, and a number of other students won our digital “Spotted” prizes. You can find out more about the graduates awarded our Spotted prizes here.