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Meet our Future Makers 2018: Lois Jane Wiseman

Written by Sophie Holt.


In support of new, emerging talent, each year our resident makers hand pick promising ‘Future Makers’ to showcase their work here at Manchester Craft & Design Centre. These new designers are either currently studying, recent graduates or newly emerging and this opportunity will bring their beautiful work into the spotlight. This year we have a total of seven Future Makers, all with their own unique craft, working with different processes and materials.

Scottish jewellery designer Lois Jane Wiseman is one of the promising young talents who has been selected to showcase her work as part of our Future Makers 2018 exhibition. She is a recent graduate from the School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University and has been chosen from hundreds of emerging makers by Resident Maker Eve Redmond (Studio 22). Lois’s work consists of colourful enamel jewellery in precious and non-precious metals that celebrate her home and heritage. Having grown up in the North East of Scotland, her main inspirations are of the peaceful coasts, harbours and the objects found there as they feel remnant of the area. For example, the shape and form of lobster creels piled up at harbours inspire the design of her necklaces. All in all, her craft aims to evoke memories of days spent by the sea.



Image Credit: Lois Jane Wiseman


Image Credit: Lois Jane Wiseman


Image Credit: Lois Jane Wiseman



We interviewed Lois to find out more about her and her work:

1.) So Lois, out of hundreds of 2017 graduates and emerging talent you have been selected by us. How do you feel about being chosen for Future Makers 2018?

I’m so excited! It’s lovely to know that people are seeing my work and responding to it – and even want to display it! I feel like 2017 was such an amazing year for Jewellery and that a lot of incredible designers materialised from the graduates, to be seen as an ’emerging talent’ is an honour.

2.) What are the things that have inspired, and continue to inspire, your work?

I draw most of my inspiration from the small harbours around the Aberdeenshire coast, where I grew up. I like to see every piece I make as a colourful celebration of my home and heritage! Colour has always been such a strong influence in my practice and I don’t think I could ever make work that is black and white.

3.) Is there any advice you would give to artists and makers who are starting out?

Make what you love – not what you think others will like. I have a sense of pure joy once I complete a piece, and it’s because I love everything I make. I make things I would want to wear, rather than what I think people will wear.
If it’s making you sad/mad/anxious put it away and go for a walk or drink a cup of tea.
Go on a night out and let loose once in a while, it’s easy to get consumed by making and to forget to have fun.

4.) What is your dream project?

My dream project is to own my own gallery and studios in Scotland. I have a little notebook where I have the name and everything planned out – like a teenager imaging their dream wedding! I’m very passionate about others work, and to be able to support and give makers a platform to showcase their talent would be wonderful.

Image Credit: Karina Patten


Image Credit: Karina Patten


Image Credit: Karina Patten


You can see Lois’s beautiful work on display here at MCDC in Studio 22 as part of our Future Makers 2018 Exhibition. Click here to find out more about this fantastic exhibition.


Instagram: @loisjanejewellery